This process was recently changed by a law passed on October 18, 2011 by President Fernandez of the Dominican Republic (who was President at that time).  As a result, the process now requires 5 years of Provisional Residency and 2 years of Definitive or Permanent Residency before you can apply for citizenship (a total of 7 years altogether).  Applicants would apply with the Dominican Republic Department of Immigration for Provisional Residency as the first residency category.  This card will normally be issued with a one year expiration although immigration will issue a card with extended years as the expiration if the applicant is willing to pay for the corresponding future years up front.  Remember, in accordance with the new law of 2011, applicants would maintain provisional residency status for 5 years total, before being able to convert their status to Ordinary Definitive or Permanent Residency, and then after 2 years of Definitive or Permanent Residency, you could apply for citizenship.  

The positive side to this process is that NO investment is required, other than proof of a local bank account (with no amount in the account specified).  This process is probably more appealing to clients that would prefer not to make any kind of larger investment in the country and that may not be in a rush to obtain a dual citizenship.  Indeed, many of our clients coming from Europe or Canada might prefer this, as the goal for such persons is to be able to declare themselves non-resident for tax purposes in the previous home country, more so than a desire for dual citizenship (However, if your goal is a legal and valid dual citizenship and passport, then the following will be of interest to you).


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